Magnus L (Fotevikaren) English

The ‘snipa-boat’ TG 159 “Foteviks snipan”
20 foot snipa-boat Dimensions 6260x230x600 mm
Construction material: Frame and planking of oak

Year of construction: 1949   Motor: Volvo Penta MD1

Boat-builder:  Magnus Larsson, Lillahammars näs.
Magnus Larsson, born 1872, built his first boat back in 1896. He learned his craft under Nils Grip. Magnus L. was a fast learner and showed a real talent for boat-building. When, after the first day of his apprenticeship, he was asked how it had gone, and what it was like learning a trade, he replied: “It wasn’t difficult at all, I can do it myself now”. Magnus L. kept a record of all the boats he built, from the very first to the last in 1963, and he was then over 90 years old.